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  • Year: 2020
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    Esayas Legesse commented

    2024-04-27 15:30:25

    Marked as want to read

    Esayas Legesse marked as Want to read

    2024-04-27 15:22:17

    Feyisa Kebebe marked as Want to read

    2024-04-15 05:08:20

    Natna Tech rated 5

    2023-09-12 20:22:34

    Mengistu Belayneh (thinker man) marked as Want to read

    2023-07-09 14:36:13

    Iyasu Birhanu marked as Want to read

    2023-01-22 14:24:50

    M Tolla commented

    2022-12-03 04:55:55

    I don’t know why I jump into the wagon of throwing the stone on Betty. I am sure Betty is Oromo sympathizer. I had a very bad impression on her when she had interviewed Jawar Mohammed, Eskinder Nega. I even argued with my family members who are the loyal viewers her show. Now I see her truth, strength, courage in her stories in the book. I love how she discusses every small facts in detail, the drama and conspiracy even among her own colleagues on her shows. She is beautifully give a picture when, how she had interviewed x and y the language strength, her unstructured and messy schedule is vividly pictured in the story on the book. I love her honest life. Contrary to many Ethiopian egoistic behavior, I love how she painted her youth life from dirt to sleeping in a 5tar hotel on egg Crete mattress somewhere in Thailand. Unusually her words are strong. Her patience, yet somehow assertive personality, a go getter manly character really captures the reader’s attention. I love to read stories when she was messed up , unprepared and totally without her control but to go dig the information and to become a story in her book. Betty is like all of us with her opinion, weakness, bias but I can tell she truly tried to tell us what her daily life encounters in the field of journalism. I think I love her for what does everyday. Bethlehem is for me a girl who is a scapegoat for many hate mongers. I get it People don’t just judge. We all have purpose in life. Let’s strive to achieve that. As she points out in her book “ ….many people exist, that’s all” . Hopefully we will read her other books and see her life , views , anger and sadness, love and the like soon. I am born and raised in Addis Ababa and currently living in US . I have no affiliation with her or any Oromo struggle.

    M Tolla rated 5

    2022-12-03 04:48:31

    M Tolla marked as I have read it

    2022-12-03 03:49:03

    Sisay marked as Want to read

    2022-10-21 22:01:01

    Asrtat marked as Want to read

    2022-10-21 16:49:44

    zebiba rated 5

    2022-03-31 11:50:34

    zebiba marked as Want to read

    2022-03-31 11:50:31

    Michael marked as Want to read

    2022-03-19 23:19:51

    Berhanu Regasa marked as Want to read

    2022-03-12 19:49:42

    Ashenafi Ageta Tujo marked as Want to read

    2022-02-07 11:08:22


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