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  • Year: 2015
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This history book of the Silte Muslims in East Africa explains that the Silte Muslims are one of the oldest and most ancient peoples of the Islamic Sultanate. The people of Silte understood the responsibility of spreading Islam and uniting with Ethiopians and played their own role.

Since the Silte Muslim is located in the central part of Ethiopia, they have hosted the up and down public movement that has been a part of the country's history for a long time due to famine and war. Thus, they have created a high level of inter-mingling and inter-mixing of people with different peoples. In short, it has a relationship with the Ethiopian nationals and the international communities that came to the country on historical occasions. The book explains that the Muslims of Silte have contributed greatly to the development and growth of Ethiopia and East Africa since ancient times by participating in small to large investment businesses.

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