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This book presented by the author to the public is the result of long efforts and hard work. The content of the book is the result of her long-term research as a student, and it should be given due respect and recognition as it includes the extensive knowledge she has developed in the world of work and personal experience after graduation. Various legal systems that are applicable in our society and have been constitutionally recognized are included in the book. Since the author's focus is on family matters, she has tried to highlight the views of different legal systems on the matter. For legal and social science scholars who want to study the pluralism of law in the constitutional framework of our country; I hope that international and continental organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations that work on various human rights agendas or social sector development projects with family issues, especially women's and children's rights, will use the book with due attention and recognition.

Muhammad Habib (Assistant Professor): Addis Ababa University; Law School, Law Scholar


This book identifies the treaties, federal and regional laws that Ethiopia has ratified that recognize children's rights; Analyze. In addition, it shows us what the implementation of the law looks like in the southern nations and peoples from the federal government. The differences between these laws and traditional and Sharia principles; It examines what unity and interaction are; It is also recommended how to identify and address violations of children's rights. In addition to the reference books, the research in the field of information; Observations and judgments are supported. It is also presented in simple Amharic. For those who carry out teaching and learning activities on children's rights; Recommended reading for those doing research and awareness training.

Muradu Abdo (Assistant Professor): Addis Ababa University; Law School, Law Scholar

I wrote this opinion about the book not because I was wrong, but because I was motivated by the truth I found in the book. This book, apart from being a building block for children's rights, which has been neglected and almost destroyed among us, has included messages that are suitable for both the scholar and the scholar.

Ridwan Musa: Author, physician and life coach

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