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Tagel Seifu is close to the children. He has previously published differen fiction books. He was found among the children and we watched him through the television window.

The title “ዝንቡላና ካሮት, Zenbulana Karot”, which he introduced to readers a in early 2024, sounds like a children's storybook. But no. It is an adult book that clearly shows the appearance of our age that seems to be a fairy tale.

One of the many purposes of the book and an author is to show the appearance of the times. As time passes, the appearance of time fades. A beautiful piece of literature prevents this from happening. That's what Hadis Alemaheu did with “ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር”. That's what Englishman Charles Dickens did in 'Tradition of Two Cities'. Instead of a civil society, he has left our era where he built a 'free state' to be a source of pride and glory.

Literature is an imitation of societal values and is thus a reflection of the human experience of a time period.

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