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Gemechu Alemayehu reviewed   አለመኖር by ዶ/ር ዳዊት ወንድምአገኝ

    It was such a good book

Gemechu Alemayehu reviewed   ሚተራሊዮን by አለማየሁ ዋሴ

    Yanebebe sew kale

Gemechu Alemayehu reviewed   ለውጥ by በድሩ ሁሴን


Gemechu Alemayehu reviewed    by ሐማ ቱማ ትርጉም ሕይወት ታደሰ

    I want to read it If I could get an access, prefer hard copy

Gemechu Alemayehu reviewed   Maal ta’inna by Mararaa tafarii Baallaa

    Kitaaba walaloo kana ani dubbbisee baay'ee jaaladheera. Namoonni biroos akka dubbisan nan affeera.

Gemechu Alemayehu reviewed   ማማ በሰማይ by ህይወት ተፈራ ተርጓሚ ጌታነህ አንተነህ

    I have read this book in its English version, Tower in the sky and I don't have words to express how I felt in love with its pure consistency and love story.

Gemechu Alemayehu reviewed   ክፉ ጽሕፈት by ዳዊት ደስታ

    This is a collection of reviews of different books

Gemechu Alemayehu reviewed   መሆን by ተስፋፅዮን ጋሻነህ ሚሼል ኦባማ

    This lady actually lived a fulfilling life!